MIDAS members featured in New York Times articles on COVID-19

The New York Times continues to feature expertise from MIDAS members in articles published about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Alex Vespignani and his team at the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University are featured in the article on March 13, “Mapping the Social Network of Coronavirus“.

Bill Hanage at Harvard University illustrates breaking the chain of transmission using a tree diagram, in “You Can Help Break the Chain of Transmission“, on March 19.

Jeff Shaman and his team at Columbia University discuss the modeling effects of control measures in “Coronavirus Could Overwhelm U.S. Without Urgent Action, Estimates Say“, published on March 20.

And several MIDAS members and others including Trevor Bedford, Betz Halloran, Alex Vespignani, Jeff Shaman, and Matteo Chinazzi are featured in a simulation of how the virus spread throughout the world, in “How the Virus Got Out“, published on March 22.

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