Close enlists help with data sharing

Mike Johansson enlists your help on behalf of Outbreak Science to improve the way epidemiological data are shared during outbreaks. In brief, the idea is to create standards for sharing non-personal data in outbreaks (e.g. surveillance data) such that it is easier to understand, work with, and credit the data. This should enable quality control, development of general analytical tools (e.g. RECON), and easier comparison and evaluation of methods on data that are available to all. 

Before developing such standards, it’s important to agree on the high-level principles those data should adhere to. Mike Johansson has drafted some principles following the FAIR framework. Please find those principles here.

Actions you can take:

1. Read the principles.

2. Provide feedback as comments on the document and/or via a Google form

3. Forward this article to other scientists that might be interested

Please contact Mike Johansson  if you have any questions.

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