to be homogeneously distributed throughout Europe, with the same time frame required for the United States. Increased fitness of pertactin-deficient strains after implementation of acellular vaccines, but reduced fitness otherwise, can explain long-term genotype dynamics. These findings highlight the role of vaccine policy in shifting local diversity of a pathogen that is responsible for 160,000 deaths annually.

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Lefrancq N, Bouchez V, Fernandes N, Barkoff AM, Bosch T, Dalby T, Åkerlund T, Darenberg J, Fabianova K, Vestrheim DF, Fry NK, González-López JJ, Gullsby K, Habington A, He Q, Litt D, Martini H, Piérard D, Stefanelli P, Stegger M, Zavadilova J, Armatys N, Landier A, Guillot S, Hong SL, Lemey P, Parkhill J, Toubiana J, Cauchemez S, Salje H, Brisse S. (2022). . Science translational medicine, 14(642)

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