Developing a COVID-19 WHO Clinical Progression Scale Inpatient Database from Electronic Health Record Data.


Our method was able to classify clinical severity for 100% of patient days for 2,756 patient encounters across two institutions.

We describe a detailed blueprint for how to apply the WHO-CPS scale to patient data from the EHR.

Using WHO-CPS as a guideline, we developed the technical blueprint to map EHR data to ordinal clinical severity scores. We applied our approach to data from two medical centers.

Implementing new clinical scales can be challenging; strong understanding of health system data architecture was integral to meet the clinical intentions of the WHO-CPS.

There is a need for a systematic method to implement the World Health Organization's Clinical Progression Scale (WHO-CPS), an ordinal clinical severity score for COVID-19 patients, to electronic health record (EHR) data. We discuss our process of developing guiding principles mapping EHR data to WHO-CPS scores across multiple institutions.

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