COVID-19 Parameter Estimates Now Expanded to Clinical Outcomes

The MIDAS Coordination Center has been extracting parameter estimates from preprints and publications since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and will continue to do so to help support modeling research in the network. Once parameters are extracted, they are sent to corresponding authors for review before being posted to the MIDAS COVID-19 GitHub Repository and COVID-19 Data Portal.

Recently, the MIDAS Coordination Center has expanded the availability of parameter estimates for in-patient clinical outcomes in addition to the existing and continually-expanding collection of estimates for transmission parameters for COVID-19. These include proportion of hospitalized cases who received mechanical ventilation, proportion of patients who received antivirals, time from symptom onset to ARDS, and more! All parameter estimates are available through the COVID-19 Data Portal or the MIDAS COVID-19 GitHub Repository.

For any questions regarding the Data Portal, the GitHub Repository, or the parameter estimates, please contact

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