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Dr. Angela J Toepp is currently a Health Services Researcher and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine within the EVMS-Sentara Healthcare Analytics Delivery Science Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School. She received her doctoral degree in Epidemiology and a Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics from the University of Iowa and a M.S. in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For 12 years, she has conducted research on African Sleeping Sickness, leishmaniasis, tick-borne diseases, leprosy, and currently COVID-19. Her dissertation and post-doctoral research focused on the study of epidemiology, immunology, parasitology, and proteomics of leishmaniasis and how co-morbidities affect the progression of diseases using longitudinal data from the United States and Brazil. Her current research focuses on using large clinical datasets and infectious disease modeling to determine where interventions for secondary comorbidities related to infectious diseases can be most effective and how to properly implement these interventions. Dr. Toepp has 7 years of specialized experience in advanced epidemiologic and statistic methods including experience designing and analyzing clinical trials as well as writing and maintaining human subjects institutional review board paperwork for both national and international work. She has published 18 peer-reviewed journal articles, holds an intellectual property patent for the usage of a vaccine as an immunotherapy for leishmaniasis which has been licensed by a biopharmaceutical company, is a reviewer for 13 peer-reviewed journals, and has presented at over 20 regional, national, and international conferences.

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Apply models to public health
Clinical trail design
Compartmental models
Public health policy/interventions
Social determinants of health
Implementation Science

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Neglected tropical diseases

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United States



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