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Ebell MH, Walsh ME, Boland F, McKay B, Fahey T. (2021). Novel approach to meta-analysis of tests and clinical prediction rules with three or more risk categories. BMJ open, 11(2)

McKay B, Ebell M, Dale AP, Shen Y, Handel A. (2020). Virulence-mediated infectiousness and activity trade-offs and their impact on transmission potential of influenza patients. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 287(1927)

McKay B, Ebell M, Billings WZ, Dale AP, Shen Y, Handel A. (2020). Associations Between Relative Viral Load at Diagnosis and Influenza A Symptoms and Recovery. Open forum infectious diseases, 7(11)

McKay B, Castellanos M, Ebell M, Whalen CC, Handel A. (2019). An attempt to reproduce a previous meta-analysis and a new analysis regarding the impact of directly observed therapy on tuberculosis treatment outcomes. PloS one, 14(5)

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Marchello CS, Ebell MH, McKay B, Shen Y, Harvill ET, Whalen CC. (2019). Clinical management decisions for adults with prolonged acute cough: Frequency and associated factors. The American journal of emergency medicine, 37(9)

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