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Ozanne MV, Brown GD, Scorza BM, Mahachi K, Toepp AJ, Petersen CA. (2022). Bayesian latent class models for identifying canine visceral leishmaniosis using diagnostic tests in the absence of a gold standard. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 16(3)

Scorza BM, Mahachi KG, Cox AD, Toepp AJ, Pessoa-Pereira D, Tyrrell P, Buch J, Foltz JA, Lee D, Petersen CA. (2022). T Cells during Asymptomatic Borrelia burgdorferi Infection. Infection and immunity

Kontowicz E, Brown G, Torner J, Carrel M, Baker KK, Petersen CA. (2022). Inclusion of environmentally themed search terms improves Elastic net regression nowcasts of regional Lyme disease rates. PloS one, 17(3)

Kontowicz E, Brown G, Torner J, Carrel M, Baker KK, Petersen CA. (2022). Days of Flooding Associated with Increased Risk of Influenza. Journal of environmental and public health, (2022)

Poje JE, Azevedo JF, Nair N, Mahachi K, Frank LE, Sherpa P, Krizek RS, Baccam T, Gomes-Solecki M, Petersen CA. (2021). Borrelia burgdorferi (Spirochaetales: Spirochaetaceae) Infection Prevalence and Host Associations of Ticks Found on Peromyscus spp. in Maryland. Journal of medical entomology

Phillip K, Nair N, Samanta K, Azevedo JF, Brown GD, Petersen CA, Gomes-Solecki M. (2021). Maternal transfer of neutralizing antibodies to B. burgdorferi OspA after oral vaccination of the rodent reservoir. Vaccine

Scorza BM, Mahachi KG, Cox AC, Toepp AJ, Leal-Lima A, Kumar Kushwaha A, Kelly P, Meneses C, Wilson G, Gibson-Corley KN, Bartholomay L, Kamhawi S, Petersen CA. (2021). Leishmania infantum xenodiagnosis from vertically infected dogs reveals significant skin tropism. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 15(10)

Mahachi K, Kontowicz E, Anderson B, Toepp AJ, Lima AL, Larson M, Wilson G, Grinnage-Pulley T, Bennett C, Ozanne M, Anderson M, Fowler H, Parrish M, Saucier J, Tyrrell P, Palmer Z, Buch J, Chandrashekar R, Scorza B, Brown G, Oleson JJ, Petersen CA. (2020). Predominant risk factors for tick-borne co-infections in hunting dogs from the USA. Parasites & vectors, 13(1)

Ozanne MV, Brown GD, Toepp AJ, Scorza BM, Oleson JJ, Wilson ME, Petersen CA. (2019). Bayesian compartmental models and associated reproductive numbers for an infection with multiple transmission modes. Biometrics

Toepp AJ, Monteiro GRG, Coutinho JFV, Lima AL, Larson M, Wilson G, Grinnage-Pulley T, Bennett C, Mahachi K, Anderson B, Ozanne MV, Anderson M, Fowler H, Parrish M, Willardson K, Saucier J, Tyrell P, Palmer Z, Buch J, Chandrashekar R, Brown GD, Oleson JJ, Jeronimo SMB, Petersen CA. (2019). Comorbid infections induce progression of visceral leishmaniasis. Parasites & vectors, 12(1)

Ozanne MV, Brown GD, Oleson JJ, Lima ID, Queiroz JW, Jeronimo SMB, Petersen CA, Wilson ME. (2018). Bayesian compartmental model for an infectious disease with dynamic states of infection. Journal of applied statistics, 46(6)

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