Emmanuelle Dankwa

Postdoctoral Researcher




Emmanuelle is a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford’s Department of Statistics. She specializes in modelling infectious diseases such as hepatitis A and African swine fever transmission to inform policies on disease control and prevention. Emmanuelle’s research focuses on outbreak contexts and her experience cuts across human and animal diseases. Prior to Oxford, she gained experience working as a Statistics teaching assistant at the University of Ghana, where she had previously obtained a first-class honours bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Statistics. In her career, she aims to champion science-policy engagement within the infectious-disease-research ecosystem towards improved public health outcomes

Preferred Pronouns


Personal Academic Website

Research/Topics of Interest

Apply models to public health
Between-host modeling
Compartmental models
Geospatial models
Machine learning models
New methods development
Outbreak science
Public health policy/interventions
Science communication
Statistical models
Model identifiability

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Vaccine-preventable diseases
hepatitis A; African swine fever virus

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States
United Kingdom



Ezanno P, Picault S, Bareille S, Beaunée G, Boender GJ, Dankwa EA, Deslandes F, Donnelly CA, Hagenaars TJ, Hayes S, Jori F, Lambert S, Mancini M, Munoz F, Pleydell DRJ, Thompson RN, Vergu E, Vignes M, Vergne T. (2022). The African swine fever modelling challenge: Model comparison and lessons learnt. Epidemics, (40)

Dankwa EA, Lambert S, Hayes S, Thompson RN, Donnelly CA. (2022). Stochastic modelling of African swine fever in wild boar and domestic pigs: Epidemic forecasting and comparison of disease management strategies. Epidemics, (40)

Hall MD, Baruch J, Carson G, Citarella BW, Dagens A, Dankwa E, Donnelly CA, Dunning J, Escher M, Kartsonaki C, Merson L, Pritchard M, Wei J, Horby PW, Rojek A, Olliaro PL. (2021). Ten months of temporal variation in the clinical journey of hospitalised patients with COVID-19: an observational cohort. eLife, (10)

Dankwa EA, Donnelly CA, Brouwer AF, Zhao R, Montgomery M, Weng MK, Martin NK. (2021). Estimating vaccination threshold and impact in the 2017-2019 hepatitis A virus outbreak among persons experiencing homelessness or who use drugs in Louisville, Kentucky, United states. Vaccine

Munblit D, Nekliudov NA, Bugaeva P, Blyuss O, Kislova M, Listovskaya E, Gamirova A, Shikhaleva A, Belyaev V, Timashev P, Warner JO, Comberiati P, Apfelbacher C, Bezrukov E, Politov ME, Yavorovskiy A, Bulanova E, Tsareva N, Avdeev S, Kapustina VA, Pigolkin YI, Dankwa EA, Kartsonaki C, Pritchard MG, Fomin V, Svistunov AA, Butnaru D, Glybochko P, . (2021). Stop COVID Cohort: An Observational Study of 3480 Patients Admitted to the Sechenov University Hospital Network in Moscow City for Suspected Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Infection. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 73(1)

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