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Buchanan BM, Evans HI, Chukwudebe NP, Duncan EA, Yin J, Adhikari BB, Zhou X, Tse ZTH, Chowell G, Meltzer MI, Fung IC. (2022). Monitoring Different Social Media Platforms to Report Unplanned School Closures Due to Wildfires in California, October and December 2017. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness

Evans HI, Handberry MT, Muniz-Rodriguez K, Schwind JS, Liang H, Adhikari BB, Meltzer MI, Fung IC. (2022). Winter Storms and Unplanned School Closure Announcements on Twitter: Comparison Between the States of Massachusetts and Georgia, 2017-2018. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness

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Fung IC, Cheung CN, Handel A. (2020). SARS-CoV-2 Viral and Serological Testing When College Campuses Reopen: Some Practical Considerations. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness

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Ahweyevu JO, Chukwudebe NP, Buchanan BM, Yin J, Adhikari BB, Zhou X, Tse ZTH, Chowell G, Meltzer MI, Fung IC. (2020). Using Twitter to Track Unplanned School Closures: Georgia Public Schools, 2015-17. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness

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Liang H, Fung IC, Tse ZTH, Yin J, Chan CH, Pechta LE, Smith BJ, Marquez-Lameda RD, Meltzer MI, Lubell KM, Fu KW. (2019). How did Ebola information spread on twitter: broadcasting or viral spreading?. BMC public health, 19(1)

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Drake JM, Bakach I, Just MR, O'Regan SM, Gambhir M, Fung IC. (2015). Transmission Models of Historical Ebola Outbreaks. Emerging infectious diseases, 21(8)

Fung IC, Gambhir M, Glasser JW, Gao H, Washington ML, Uzicanin A, Meltzer MI. (2015). Modeling the effect of school closures in a pandemic scenario: exploring two different contact matrices. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, (60 Suppl 1)

Zhou L, Situ S, Feng Z, Atkins CY, Fung IC, Xu Z, Huang T, Hu S, Wang X, Meltzer MI. (2014). Cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies for annual influenza vaccination among children aged 6 months to 14 years in four provinces in China. PLoS One, 9(1)

Fung IC, Antia R, Handel A. (2012). How to minimize the attack rate during multiple influenza outbreaks in a heterogeneous population. PloS one, 7(6)

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