Ivan Castro-Arellano

Associate Professor





Modarelli JJ, Westrich BJ, Milholland M, Tietjen M, Castro-Arellano I, Medina RF, Esteve-Gasent MD. (2020). Prevalence of protozoan parasites in small and medium mammals in Texas, USA. International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife, (11)

Córdoba-Aguilar A, Ibarra-Cerdeña CN, Castro-Arellano I, Suzan G. (2021). Tackling zoonoses in a crowded world: Lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Acta tropica, (214)

Briskin EA, Casanovas-Massana A, Ryff KR, Morales-Estrada S, Hamond C, Perez-Rodriguez NM, Benavidez KM, Weinberger DM, Castro-Arellano I, Wunder EA, Sharp TM, Rivera-Garcia B, Ko AI. (2019). Seroprevalence, Risk Factors, and Rodent Reservoirs of Leptospirosis in an Urban Community of Puerto Rico, 2015. The Journal of infectious diseases, 220(9)

Curtis JL, Milholland MT, Schountz T, Castro-Arellano I, Mali I. (2019). Detection of New World Hantavirus Antibodies in Rodents of Eastern New Mexico, USA. Journal of wildlife diseases, 55(4)

Milholland MT, Castro-Arellano I, Garcia-Peña GE, Mills JN. (2019). The Ecology and Phylogeny of Hosts Drive the Enzootic Infection Cycles of Hantaviruses. Viruses, 11(7)

Benavidez KM, Guerra T, Torres M, Rodriguez D, Veech JA, Hahn D, Miller RJ, Soltero FV, Ramírez AEP, Perez de León A, Castro-Arellano I. (2019). The prevalence of Leptospira among invasive small mammals on Puerto Rican cattle farms. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 13(5)

Milholland MT, Castro-Arellano I, Suzán G, Garcia-Peña GE, Lee TE Jr., Rohde RE, Alonso Aguirre A, Mills JN. (2018). Global Diversity and Distribution of Hantaviruses and Their Hosts. EcoHealth, 15(1)

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