Justin Davis

Postdoctoral Fellow





Wimberly MC, Davis JK, Evans MV, Hess A, Newberry PM, Solano-Asamoah N, Murdock CC. (2020). Land cover affects microclimate and temperature suitability for arbovirus transmission in an urban landscape. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 14(9)

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Davis JK, Gebrehiwot T, Worku M, Awoke W, Mihretie A, Nekorchuk D, Wimberly MC. (2019). A genetic algorithm for identifying spatially-varying environmental drivers in a malaria time series model. Environmental modelling & software : with environment data news, (119)

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Manore CA, Davis JK, Christofferson RC, Wesson DM, Hyman JM, Mores CN. (2014). Towards an early warning system for forecasting human west nile virus incidence. PLoS currents, (6)

Justin Davis, Marianna Pensky. (2014). Model Selection for Classification with a Large Number of Classes. Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics

Robin Moudy, Sarah Michaels, Samuel Jameson, Berlin Londono, Velma Lopez, Kevin Caillouët, Camden Hallmark, Justin Davis, Ivo Foppa, Patricia Dorn, Dawn Wesson. (2014). Factors Associated With Peridomestic Triatoma sanguisuga (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) Presence in Southeastern Louisiana. Journal of Medical Entomology, 51(5)

Justin Davis, Marianna Pensky, William Crampton. (2011). Bayesian feature selection for classification with possibly large number of classes. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 141(9)

Matthew Arnegard, Peter McIntyre, Luke Harmon, Miriam Zelditch, William Crampton, Justin Davis, John Sullivan, Sebastien Lavoué, Carl Hopkins. (2010). Sexual Signal Evolution Outpaces Ecological Divergence during Electric Fish Species Radiation. The American Naturalist, 176(3)

William G. R. Crampton, Justin K. Davis, Nathan R. Lovejoy, Marianna Pensky. (2008). Multivariate classification of animal communication signals: A simulation-based comparison of alternative signal processing procedures using electric fishes. Journal of Physiology-Paris, 102(4-6)

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