Madikay Senghore

Post Doctoral Research Fellow




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Research/Topics of Interest

Antibiotic resistance
Apply models to public health
Between-host modeling
Compartmental models
Intra-host modeling
Outbreak science
Phylogenetic models
Science communication
Spatial transmission patterns

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Respiratory diseases
Tuberculosis (TB)
Vaccine-preventable diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United Kingdom



Chaguza C, Ebruke C, Senghore M, Lo SW, Tientcheu PE, Gladstone RA, Tonkin-Hill G, Cornick JE, Yang M, Worwui A, McGee L, Breiman RF, Klugman KP, Kadioglu A, Everett DB, Mackenzie G, Croucher NJ, Roca A, Kwambana-Adams BA, Antonio M, Bentley SD. (2022). Comparative genomics of disease and carriage serotype 1 pneumococci. Genome biology and evolution

Senghore M, Chaguza C, Bojang E, Tientcheu PE, Bancroft RE, Lo SW, Gladstone RA, McGee L, Worwui A, Foster-Nyarko E, Ceesay F, Okoi CB, Klugman KP, Breiman RF, Bentley SD, Adegbola R, Antonio M, Hanage WP, Kwambana-Adams BA. (2022). Widespread sharing of pneumococcal strains in a rural African setting: proximate villages are more likely to share similar strains that are carried at multiple timepoints. Microbial genomics, 8(2)

Cleary B, Hay JA, Blumenstiel B, Harden M, Cipicchio M, Bezney J, Simonton B, Hong D, Senghore M, Sesay AK, Gabriel S, Regev A, Mina MJ. (2021). Using viral load and epidemic dynamics to optimize pooled testing in resource-constrained settings. Science translational medicine

Senghore M, Tientcheu PE, Worwui AK, Jarju S, Okoi C, Suso SMS, Foster-Nyarko E, Ebruke C, Sonko M, Kourna MH, Agossou J, Tsolenyanu E, Renner LA, Ansong D, Sanneh B, Cisse CB, Boula A, Miwanda B, Lo SW, Gladstone RA, Schwartz S, Hawkins P, McGee L, Klugman KP, Breiman RF, Bentley SD, Mwenda JM, Kwambana-Adams BA, Antonio M. (2021). Phylogeography and resistome of pneumococcal meningitis in West Africa before and after vaccine introduction. Microbial genomics, 7(7)

Senghore M, Savi MK, Gnangnon B, Hanage WP, Okeke IN. (2020). Leveraging Africa's preparedness towards the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lancet. Global health, 8(7)

Chaguza C, Yang M, Cornick JE, du Plessis M, Gladstone RA, Kwambana-Adams BA, Lo SW, Ebruke C, Tonkin-Hill G, Peno C, Senghore M, Obaro SK, Ousmane S, Pluschke G, Collard JM, Sigaùque B, French N, Klugman KP, Heyderman RS, McGee L, Antonio M, Breiman RF, von Gottberg A, Everett DB, Kadioglu A, Bentley SD. (2020). Bacterial genome-wide association study of hyper-virulent pneumococcal serotype 1 identifies genetic variation associated with neurotropism. Communications biology, 3(1)

Cleary B, Hay JA, Blumenstiel B, Harden M, Cipicchio M, Bezney J, Simonton B, Hong D, Senghore M, Sesay AK, Gabriel S, Regev A, Mina MJ. (2020). Efficient prevalence estimation and infected sample identification with group testing for SARS-CoV-2. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Okomo U, Senghore M, Darboe S, Bojang E, Zaman SMA, Hossain MJ, Nwakanma D, Le Doare K, Holt KE, Hos NJ, Lawn JE, Bentley SD, Kampmann B. (2020). Investigation of sequential outbreaks of Burkholderia cepacia and multidrug-resistant extended spectrum β-lactamase producing Klebsiella species in a West African tertiary hospital neonatal unit: a retrospective genomic analysis. The Lancet. Microbe, 1(3)

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