Manuel Jara

Postdoctoral researcher





Frias-De-Diego A, Jara M, Pecoraro BM, Crisci E. (2021). Whole Genome or Single Genes? A Phylodynamic and Bibliometric Analysis of PRRSV. Frontiers in veterinary science, (8)

Binkley L, Deressa A, Shi M, Jara M, Escobar LE, Mauldin MR, Matheny A, O'Quin J, Pieracci EG, Kling C, Hartloge C, Yimer G, Abate E, Gebreyes W, Reynolds M, Belay E, Shiferaw M, Nakazawa Y, Velasco-Villa A. (2021). Use of partial N-gene sequences as a tool to monitor progress on rabies control and elimination efforts in Ethiopia. Acta tropica, (221)

Jara M, Holcomb K, Wang X, Goss EM, Machado G. (2021). in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia. Frontiers in veterinary science, (8)

Machado G, Corbellini LG, Frias-De-Diego A, Dieh GN, Dos Santos DV, Jara M, de Freitas Costa E. (2021). Impact of changes of horse movement regulations on the risks of equine infectious anemia: A risk assessment approach. Preventive veterinary medicine, (190)

Jara M, Crespo R, Roberts DL, Chapman A, Banda A, Machado G. (2021). Development of a Dissemination Platform for Spatiotemporal and Phylogenetic Analysis of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus. Frontiers in veterinary science, (8)

Krasteva S, Jara M, Frias-De-Diego A, Machado G. (2020). Nairobi Sheep Disease Virus: A Historical and Epidemiological Perspective. Frontiers in veterinary science, (7)

Jara M, Rasmussen DA, Corzo CA, Machado G. (2021). Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus dissemination across pig production systems in the United States. Transboundary and emerging diseases, 68(2)

Jara M, Escobar LE, Rodriges RO, Frias-De-Diego A, Sanhueza J, Machado G. (2019). Spatial distribution and spread potential of sixteen Leptospira serovars in a subtropical region of Brazil. Transboundary and emerging diseases, 66(6)

Jara M, García-Roa R, Escobar LE, Torres-Carvajal O, Pincheira-Donoso D. (2019). Alternative reproductive adaptations predict asymmetric responses to climate change in lizards. Scientific reports, 9(1)

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