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Dr. Stephen Beckett is a computational ecologist who works as a Research Scientist in the School of Biological Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Stephen received a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter in 2015, an MRes in Mathematics in the Living Environment from the University of York in 2011 and a BSc in Geography and Mathematics from the University of Leeds in 2010. Stephen’s research into marine microbial ecology, network science and infectious disease dynamics is driven through the development and use of mathematical models, simulations, computational methods and software development.

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Research/Topics of Interest

Antibiotic resistance
Between-host modeling
Compartmental models
Geospatial models
Network models
Public health application of models
Science communication
Spatial transmission patterns
Surveillance/case detection

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise


Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States
United Kingdom



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Lopman BA, Shioda K, Nguyen Q, Beckett SJ, Siegler AJ, Sullivan PS, Weitz JS. (2021). A framework for monitoring population immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Annals of epidemiology

Chande A, Lee S, Harris M, Nguyen Q, Beckett SJ, Hilley T, Andris C, Weitz JS. (2020). Real-time, interactive website for US-county-level COVID-19 event risk assessment. Nature human behaviour, 4(12)

Mruwat N, Carlson MCG, Goldin S, Ribalet F, Kirzner S, Hulata Y, Beckett SJ, Shitrit D, Weitz JS, Armbrust EV, Lindell D. (2020). A single-cell polony method reveals low levels of infected Prochlorococcus in oligotrophic waters despite high cyanophage abundances. The ISME journal

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Talmy D., Beckett S.J., Zhang A.B., Taniguchi D.A.A., Weitz J.S., Follows M.J.. (2019). Contrasting Controls on Microzooplankton Grazing and Viral Infection of Microbial Prey. frontiers in Marine Science

Talmy D, Beckett SJ, Taniguchi DAA, Brussaard CPD, Weitz JS, Follows MJ. (2019). An empirical model of carbon flow through marine viruses and microzooplankton grazers. Environmental microbiology, 21(6)

Benedetto B., Coenen A.R., Beckett S.J., McGillicuddy Jr. D.J., Weitz J.S., Karl D.M. (2019). The ecological and biogeochemical state of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre is linked to sea surface height. Journal of Marine Research, (77)

Beckett SJ, Weitz JS. (2018). The Effect of Strain Level Diversity on Robust Inference of Virus-Induced Mortality of Phytoplankton. Frontiers in microbiology, (9)

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