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Klaus C, Wascher M, KhudaBukhsh WR, Tien JH, Rempała GA, Kenah E. (2022). Assortative mixing among vaccination groups and biased estimation of reproduction numbers. The Lancet. Infectious diseases, 22(5)

Somekh I, KhudaBukhsh WR, Root ED, Boker LK, Rempala G, Simões EAF, Somekh E. (2022). Quantifying the Population-Level Effect of the COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign in Israel: A Modeling Study. Open forum infectious diseases, 9(5)

Cui K, KhudaBukhsh WR, Koeppl H. (2022). Motif-based mean-field approximation of interacting particles on clustered networks. Physical review. E, 105(4)

Di Lauro F, KhudaBukhsh WR, Kiss IZ, Kenah E, Jensen M, Rempała GA. (2022). Dynamic survival analysis for non-Markovian epidemic models. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface, 19(191)

Vossler H, Akilimali P, Pan Y, KhudaBukhsh WR, Kenah E, Rempała GA. (2022). Analysis of individual-level data from 2018-2020 Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Scientific reports, 12(1)

Sahai SY, Gurukar S, KhudaBukhsh WR, Parthasarathy S, Rempała GA. (2021). A machine learning model for nowcasting epidemic incidence. Mathematical biosciences

KhudaBukhsh WR, Kang HW, Kenah E, Rempala G. (2020). Incorporating age and delay into models for biophysical systems. Physical biology

KhudaBukhsh WR, Choi B, Kenah E, Rempa?a GA. (2020). Survival dynamical systems: individual-level survival analysis from population-level epidemic models. Interface focus, 10(1)

Kang HW, KhudaBukhsh WR, Koeppl H, Rempała GA. (2019). Quasi-Steady-State Approximations Derived from the Stochastic Model of Enzyme Kinetics. Bulletin of mathematical biology, 81(5)

Choi B, Busch S, Kazadi D, Ilunga B, Okitolonda E, Dai Y, Lumpkin R, Saucedo O, KhudaBukhsh WR, Tien J, Yotebieng M, Kenah E, Rempala GA. (2019). Modeling outbreak data: Analysis of a 2012 Ebola virus disease epidemic in DRC. Biomath (Sofia, Bulgaria), 8(2)

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