Human African Trypanosomiasis Modelling and Economic Predictions for Policy (HAT MEPP)


Human African Trypanosomiasis Modelling and Economic Predictions for Policy (HAT MEPP) is an international, multidisciplinary research project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support planning and implementation of gambiese HAT (sleeping sickness) interventions through the use of mathematical modelling predictions and economic analyses. The team of modellers and economists, led by Dr Kat Rock at the University of Warwick, will work with key partners in HAT-affected countries to develop regional, policy-ready modelling frameworks and produce predictive results that support decision-makers in the national control programmes. The project has three main outcomes which directly relate to HAT control and elimination: Improved, evidence-based decision-making for HAT interventions by country programmes based on mathematical models and economic evaluation. Delivery of cost-effective HAT elimination strategies by national programmes Implementation of a new diagnostic tool for the end-game where appropriate To achieve these outcomes HAT MEPP has three aims: Provide strategy guidance for in-country programmes. This broad category covers assessment of past interventions, supporting analyses of on-going strategies (specifically the BMGF-funded TrypElim and Trypa-No! projects) and providing decision support for future in-country programmes. Support the BMGF HAT elimination/eradication investment case. The main elements of the investment case are to establish the epidemiological, operational and economic feasibility of elimination. Investigate new diagnostics and corresponding implementation strategies for the elimination end-game


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