MIDAS COVID-19 Repository Now Public

The URL to the repository is:

We encourage people to contribute information to the repository in one of two ways:

1. Send information, documents, or results to or submit an issue in the repository so our staff can add the information for you;

2. Create your own forked repository, add the information in your forked repository, and then submit a pull request. Our staff will review and approve pull requests to ensure the content format and organization remains consistent. More information about forking and other request requirements can be found here.
For all data sets, documents, or software tools, please also send metadata. See metadata templates and data guides in the Information for Contributor files

We did our best to add as much content as possible; we will continue to add more content and make the repository as complete as possible. 

Please send any information our way, and also your ideas for improvements; share the repository with anybody who maybe interested! 

MIDAS has also created a dedicated COVID-19 research mailing list. If you are conducting research on COVID-19 or would like to collaborate with MIDAS, please contact to be added to the mailing list.

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