MIDAS members in the news – women in science

A recent article written by 35 female scientists, including many MIDAS members, highlights the inequalities that persist in science despite the fact that many female scientists are leading the challenge to understand the nature of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. “Women are advising policymakers, designing clinical trials, coordinating field studies and leading data collection and analysis, but you would never know it from the media coverage of the pandemic. More than ever before, epidemiologists, virologists, and clinicians are communicating with journalists and the public about their science. “

Here we highlight a few MIDAS female researchers who have recently been featured in the news media.

Dr. Caroline Buckee in the New Yorker: “Can We Track COVID-19 and Protect Privacy at the Same Time?

Dr. Sarah Cobey on WGN9 TV news about models used by Illinois. Dr. Cobey was also quoted in the Scientific American on “How the COVID-19 Pandemic Could End“. 

Doctoral student Christine Tedijanto is featured on a BBC News video: “How social distancing could look after lockdown”.

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