MIDAS Reproducibility and Reusability resource is now available!

The MIDAS Coordination Center website now has a new section on Reproducibility and Reusability

Reproducibility and Reusability are considered vital aspects of modern science. Achieving these goals requires a variety of measures, including community best practices, data models, and terminologies, designed to provide a common basis for integrating and comparing datasets and analytic methods. 

The MIDAS Coordination Center is committed to developing tools, guidance, and demonstration projects designed to help the infectious disease modeling community move toward greater reproducibility and reusability, through adoption of community approaches such as FAIR ( Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data.

Constructive input from the community is always welcome. Please contact us at, or use the Comments form on the Sharing Software and Data page to provide any comments, questions, or criticisms. 

And, please share this resource with anyone who you think may find it useful!