MIDAS Student Quarterly+

Connecting students in infectious disease modeling.


The MIDAS Student Network is a subnetwork amongst graduate (Masters and PhD) students in the MIDAS Network. We hold a quarterly meeting to establish professional student relationships across the network, foster future collaborations, share educational resources, and provide a relaxed environment to share research progress and ideas to one another.


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The next open committee meeting is Friday, August 13 at 1PM EST. To join the Student Committee in our meeting, please join the link here!


MIDAS Student Mentorship Program

Purpose: The purpose of this mentorship program is to build a conduit for undergraduate students to become aware of and potentially become engaged in infectious disease modeling during their academic and post-graduation careers. This will occur through sharing of knowledge and experiences between a graduate student mentor with a background in infectious disease modeling and an undergraduate student interested in learning more about the field. There are many ways in which individuals make academic transitions into infectious disease modeling, thus a constructive mentorship relationship can take many forms.


Mission: The mission of the MIDAS Mentorship Program is to promote student interest in

infectious disease modeling by facilitating mentoring relationships and providing guidance to mentees.



1) To help undergraduates gain insight into the broad field of infectious disease modeling, including how to become more involved in infectious disease modeling, educational trajectories, and career prospects.

2) To build a network of infectious disease modelers from various and diverse backgrounds or expertise. 


If you are interested in applying to become a MIDAS Mentor, please click here. More information is coming soon for potential mentees.

MIDAS Student Committee