National Symposium on Predicting Emergence of Virulent Entities by Novel Technologies (PREVENT)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has commissioned a series of upcoming symposia to roadmap the potential for Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention (PIPP)We hope you will join a large community of scientists and engineers from academia and industry, collaborating virtually in a community forum to explore how we might converge to build actionable PIPP. Our initial charge will be to examine how PIPP can be established from understanding how the global behavior of an organism emerges from the interactions that begin occurring between components at the molecular, cellular, and physiological through ecological scales: environmental monitoring for potential animal-to-human infection spillovers, designing data science tools to accurately forecast trajectories, fast and adaptive syndromic surveillance and behavior tracking, designing and timing effective interventions, and training susceptible individuals for measures needed to inhibit the spread of infectious agents.


As part of this initiative, our team is organizing a National Symposium on Predicting Emergence of Virulent Entities by Novel Technologies (PREVENT), that will be held on February 22 and 23. 

We have a great set of plenary speakers that will set the stage for discussion: Madhav Marathe (UVA), Paul Turner (Yale), Bryan Grenfell (Princeton). More speakers will be confirmed soon. A number of short talks and breakout sessions are included in the program to establish convergence and R&D teams over the two days.

The symposium will incorporate both “general participants” and “core participants”. General participants can listen to talks and panels in real-time and can submit questions for the speakers and panel members. Core participants, who are invited to submit a white paper, will participate in break-out sessions and discussions. A limited number of invited core participants will also give talks.

Please register as a general participant or apply to be a core participant for free at

Organizing team: B. Aditya Prakash (Georgia Tech), Paul Torrens (NYU), Krista Wigginton (Michigan), John Yin (Wisconsin).

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