Over 60 new MIDAS members!

Since early December 2019, 61 new MIDAS members joined, 26 faculty, 30 students, and 5 postdocs from the US and other countries.


Brent Allman receives the Kharen Fulton Award

Brent Allman, a fourth-year student at Emory University in the Population Biology, Ecology and Evolution doctoral program, has been named the Laney Graduate School’s 2019-20 Kharen Fulton Diversity Awardee.


Emerging Leaders in Data Science Fellowship

NIAID has established the Emerging Leaders in Data Science Fellowship Program to develop a cadre of talented data scientists who have a strong interest in applying their bioinformatics and data science expertise to advance research on infectious and immune-mediated diseases. Application deadline is February 8, 2020.


New MIDAS Website Launched!

The new MIDAS website replaces an outdated previous version and includes a wide range of information about the people and projects involved in MIDAS. The website improves the visibility of MIDAS and enables new members to join.