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Consequences to patients, clinicians, and manufacturers when very serious adverse drug reactions are identified (1997-2019): A qualitative analysis from the Southern Network on Adverse Reactions (SONAR).

Bennett CL, Hoque S, Olivieri N, Taylor MA, Aboulafia D, Lubaczewski C, Bennett AC, Vemula J, Schooley B, Witherspoon BJ, Godwin AC, Ray PS, Yarnold PR, Ausdenmoore HC, Fishman M, Herring G, Ventrone A, Aldaco J, Hrushesky WJ, Restaino J, Thomsen HS, Yarnold PR, Marx R, Migliorati C, Ruggiero S, Nabhan C, Carson KR, McKoy JM, Yang YT, Schoen MW, Knopf K, Martin L, Sartor O, Rosen S, Smith WK

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