A mouse model for studying dengue virus pathogenesis and immune response.


A small animal model for studying dengue disease is of critical importance to furthering many areas of dengue research, including host immunity, disease pathogenesis, and drug and vaccine development. Recent characterization of the AG129 mouse model has demonstrated it to be one of the only models at this time that permits infection by all four serotypes of dengue virus (DENV), supports replication in relevant cell and tissue types comparable to human infection, and allows antibody-mediated protection and enhancement of DENV infection. Thus, this model enables testing hypotheses arising from epidemiological observations and in vitro experiments in an in vivo system with a functional adaptive immune response. This review provides a brief overview of the development of a mouse model of DENV infection, describes the work completed to date characterizing the AG129 model, and examines several of the unanswered questions remaining in the field.

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