[Application of vancomycin powder into the wound during spine surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis].


A total of six controlled studies (3,379 subjects) were included. Pooled relative risks were: surgical site infection, 0.11 (95%CI: 0.05-0.25; P<.00001), and pseudo-arthrosis, 0.87 (95%CI; 0.34-2.21; P=.77). No statistically significant heterogeneity was found in both analyses. In 1,437 patients treated with vancomycin, there were no recorded vancomycin-related adverse events.

To determine the effects of applying vancomycin powder within the surgical wound on the risk of surgical infections, pseudo-arthrosis and adverse events, in patients undergoing spinal surgery.

A meta-analysis was carried out, including controlled studies that evaluated the risk of postoperative infections and/or pseudo-arthrosis in patients undergoing spinal surgery in which vancomycin powder was applied within the surgical wound.

were presented as pooled relative risks, with its 95% confidence intervals. Additionally, the frequency of complications attributable to vancomycin was also assessed.

Application of vancomycin powder into the wound was associated with a significantly reduced risk of surgical site infections, without increasing pseudo-arthrosis or adverse events. However, randomized controlled trials are needed, in order to confirm the present results and make recommendations with more certainty.

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