Dengue emergence in the temperate Argentinian province of Santa Fe, 2009-2020.


Dengue virus (DENV) transmission occurs primarily in tropical and subtropical climates, but within the last decade it has extended to temperate regions. Santa Fe, a temperate province in Argentina, has experienced an increase in dengue cases and virus circulation since 2009, with the recent 2020 outbreak being the largest in the province to date. The aim of this work is to describe spatio-temporal fluctuations of dengue cases from 2009 to 2020 in Santa Fe Province. The data presented in this work provide a detailed description of DENV transmission for Santa Fe Province by department. These data are useful to assist in investigating drivers of dengue emergence in Santa Fe Province and for developing a better understanding of the drivers and the impacts of ongoing dengue emergence in temperate regions across the world. This work provides data useful for future studies including those investigating socio-ecological, climatic, and environmental factors associated with DENV transmission, as well as those investigating other variables related to the biology and the ecology of vector-borne diseases.

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