Genetic assessment of a white-collared x red-fronted lemur hybrid zone at Andringitra, Madagascar.


We examined a purported lemur (Eulemur fulvus rufusxE. albocollaris) hybrid zone at Andringitra, Madagascar, using sequences from five genes (one mitochondrial gene (d-loop) and four nuclear introns (hemopexin, malic enzyme, ceruloplasmin, and microsatellite 26 flanking region)), from 60 individuals (E. albocollaris (n = 16), E.f. rufus (n = 14), E. collaris (n = 9), and purported hybrids from Andringitra (n = 21)). Diagnostic (d-loop and microsatellite 26) and private sites (all other genes) were found in all gene regions for E. albocollaris and E.f. rufus. Also, private sites were found for the purported hybrid population in two gene regions (d-loop and ceruloplasmin). When the putative hybrids were examined for diagnostic and private markers, 18 of 21 were found to contain markers from both E. albocollaris and E.f. rufus populations. The remaining three individuals were found to contain only markers for E. albocollaris. These results indicate that the population at Andringitra is a hybrid population between E. albocollaris and E.f. rufus.

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