Lessons learned from twelve years of HIV Seroprevalence and Behavioral Epidemiology Risk Survey (SABERS) development and implementation among foreign militaries.


Circumstances within the military environment may place military personnel at increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Since 2005, RTI International has provided technical assistance to the Seroprevalence and Behavioral Epidemiology Risk Surveys (SABERS) program and supported the development and implementation of SABERS survey instruments in 18 countries. RTI staff collaborated with the Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program and host country military and health care leadership to develop a fully tested, culturally appropriate survey and data collection instrument and build local capacity by identifying and training local interviewers. We summarize the critical steps, challenges faced, and lessons learned from 12 years' experience developing, testing, and implementing SABERS instruments among military populations in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

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