Modified Training Experiences for Psychology Interns and Fellows During COVID-19: Use of Telepsychology and Telesupervision by Child and Adolescent Training Programs.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected opportunities available to psychology interns and postdoctoral fellows completing capstone training experiences during culminating training years. While research supports COVID-19 has increased the use of telepsychology services amongst psychologists, there is a paucity of research regarding how COVID-19 has altered training and use of telepsychology by psychology trainees. The current study includes survey responses from 59 psychology training directors and 58 psychology internship and postdoctoral fellowship trainees at pediatric sites throughout the United States. Results support changes in telepsychology training provided during COVID-19, including increased use of telepsychology for clinical service delivery and increased use of telesupervision for training. As expected, findings suggest novel training experiences in telepsychology for trainees within the last two years as a result of COVID-19. Given ongoing need for telepsychology services to assure access to psychological care during the pandemic and beyond, results provide support for graduate and advanced training programs to provide formal training in best-practices for utilization of telepsychology and telesupervision.

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