PHS44. Medical care costs of Chikungunya Virus infection in a Pediatric Population in Colombia


OBJECTIVES In 2013 December, PAHO confirmed the local circulation of chikungunya virus (CHKV) in the region. In 2014 September Colombia reported the first local CHKV case in the Bolívar, and started an outbreak within a susceptible population. The objective of this analysis is to estimate the medical care cost of children patients with suspect of CHKV attended at a reference pediatric Hospital in Cartagena-Bolivar, at the start of the CHKV local transmission in Colombia. METHODS A retrospective bottom-up cost analysis was designed. We selected randomized sample of clinical records from children patients with CHKV clinically suspected during September – November 2014 at the Hospital “Napoleón Franco Pareja” in Cartagena city, Colombia. A costing data collection instrument was designed a piloted to collect the information about the frequency of use activities and supplies by patient. Administrative and cost data by patient and activity were obtained from the Hospital. Costing items included: consults, hospitalization bed-day, supplies, drugs, and diagnosis and therapeutic procedures. Total cost per cost item and patient were estimated and average cost per patient reported. Costs were expressed in 2014 USD with an Exchange rate of 2392.46 COP per American dollar. RESULTS A sample of 67 clinical records were analyzed. The average cost per CHKV children patient was US$517.5 (US$756.9 in equal or older than 1 year old, and US$375.1 in under one year population). The average length of stay was 2,7 days per patient. More prescript drugs were oral rehydration salts and acetaminophen. The more requested labs were hematic chart (13.8%) and protein C reactive (7.57%). CONCLUSIONS Despite CHKV infection is not a lethal disease, it would cause a very huge impact in the health services and it associated cost in Colombia. Cost per case in children is high, and probably would be similar or higher in adult population.

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