Top 100 Most-Cited Publications on Breast Cancer and Machine Learning Research: A Bibliometric Analysis.


The top 100 publications were published between 1993 and 2019. The most productive author was Giger ML, and the top two institutions were the University of Chicago and the National University of Singapore. The most active countries were the USA, Germany and China. Ten clusters were identified as both basic and specialised themes of breast cancer and machine learning.

Various countries demonstrated comparable interest in breast cancer and machine-learning research. A few Asian countries, such as China, India and Singapore, were listed in the top 10 countries based on the total citation. Additionally, the use of deep learning and breast imaging data was trending in the past 10 years in the field of breast cancer and machine-learning research.

This study aimed to evaluate the research output of the top 100 publications and further identify a research theme of breast cancer and machine-learning studies.

Databases of Scopus and Web of Science were used to extract the top 100 publications. These publications were filtered based on the total citation of each paper. Additionally, a bibliometric analysis was applied to the top 100 publications.

Rapid advancement in computing technology and digital information leads to the possible use of machine learning on breast cancer.

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