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My research interests lie in how human activities influence wildlife disease dynamics. During my PhD studies with Dr. Sonia Altizer at UGA’s Odum School of Ecology, I examined how gardens and the presence of exotic plants affect insect pollinators and their interactions with pathogens. A large component of my work focused on understanding why one species of butterfly, the monarch, experiences high infection rates in gardens in the southeastern US where exotic tropical milkweed is planted (Asclepias curassavica). My PhD research integrated field studies at the CREW experimental gardens with a modeling approach to investigate underlying causes of high infection rates (nearly 100%) with a protozoan Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE) that breed on tropical milkweed in the southeastern U.S. For my post doctoral work, I am working with Dr. Jaap de Roode exploring questions in evolution of virulence using the monarch butterfly-protozoan as a model system. In particular, I am interested in whether more virulent parasite strains can evolve in response to imperfect vaccination, in which hosts gain only partial protection from infection in response to immunization or treatment. This outcome has been observed in poultry infected with Marek’s disease virus, and is relevant to other systems, including equine and human influenza, for which vaccination is imperfect. The results of the work inform the mechanisms underlying increase in virulence with widespread vaccination.

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