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Dr. Adhikari has completed his PhD from Michigan State University and worked as postdoctoral fellow at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA. After the fellowship Dr. Adhikari worked for Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and currently works as Health Economist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He recently served in Ebola Response team and COVID-19 Response Team as a member of modeling task force. His current research interest are infectious disease modeling, cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions, health policy and human behavior.

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Research/Topics of Interest

Agent-based models
Antibiotic resistance
Apply models to public health
Between-host modeling
Climate/environmental drivers
Compartmental models
Decision models
Geospatial models
Health systems
Intra-host modeling
Machine learning models
Network models
New methods development
Outbreak science
Phylogenetic models
Public health application of models
Public health policy/interventions
Science communication
Social determinants of health
Social networks/contact patterns
Spatial transmission patterns
Statistical models
Surveillance/case detection
Time-series models
School closure
Developing countries
Mathematical modeling
Face mask

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Diarrheal diseases
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Neglected tropical diseases
Pandemic influenza
Respiratory diseases
Season influenza
Sexually transmitted diseases
Tuberculosis (TB)
Vaccine-preventable diseases
Vector-borne diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States
Congo, The Democratic Republic of The



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Adhikari BB, Goodson JL, Chu SY, Rota PA, Meltzer MI. (2016). Assessing the Potential Cost-Effectiveness of Microneedle Patches in Childhood Measles Vaccination Programs: The Case for Further Research and Development. Drugs in R&D, 16(4)

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