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Kirk D, O'Connor MI, Mordecai EA. (2022). Scaling effects of temperature on parasitism from individuals to populations. The Journal of animal ecology

Athni TS, Shocket MS, Couper LI, Nova N, Caldwell IR, Caldwell JM, Childress JN, Childs ML, De Leo GA, Kirk DG, MacDonald AJ, Olivarius K, Pickel DG, Roberts SO, Winokur OC, Young HS, Cheng J, Grant EA, Kurzner PM, Kyaw S, Lin BJ, Lopez RC, Massihpour DS, Olsen EC, Roache M, Ruiz A, Schultz EA, Shafat M, Spencer RL, Bharti N, Mordecai EA. (2021). The influence of vector-borne disease on human history: socio-ecological mechanisms. Ecology letters

Childs ML, Kain MP, Harris MJ, Kirk D, Couper L, Nova N, Delwel I, Ritchie J, Becker AD, Mordecai EA. (2021). The impact of long-term non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 epidemic dynamics and control: the value and limitations of early models. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 288(1957)

Couper LI, Farner JE, Caldwell JM, Childs ML, Harris MJ, Kirk DG, Nova N, Shocket M, Skinner EB, Uricchio LH, Exposito-Alonso M, Mordecai EA. (2021). How will mosquitoes adapt to climate warming?. eLife, (10)

Childs ML, Kain MP, Kirk D, Harris M, Couper L, Nova N, Delwel I, Ritchie J, Mordecai EA. (2020). The impact of long-term non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 epidemic dynamics and control. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences

Tejas Athni,Marta Shocket,Iain Caldwell,Jamie Caldwell,Jasmine Childress,Marissa Childs,Lisa Couper,Giulio De Leo,Devin Kirk,Andrew MacDonald,Nicole NovaOrcid,Kathryn Olivarius,David Pickel,Olivia Winokur,Hillary Young,Julian Cheng,Elizabeth Grant, Patrick Kurzner, Saw Kyaw, Bradford Lin,Ricardo Lopez,Diba Massihpour,Erica Olsen,Maggie Roache,Angie Ruiz,Emily Schultz,Muskan Shafat,Rebecca Spencer,Erin Mordecai. (2020). How vector-borne disease shaped the course of human history. Authorea

Zukowski N, Kirk D, Wadhawan K, Shea D, Start D, Krkošek M. (2020). Predators can influence the host-parasite dynamics of their prey via nonconsumptive effects. Ecology and Evolution, 10(13)

Devin Kirk, Dylan Shea, Denon Start. (2019). Host traits and competitive ability jointly structure disease dynamics and community assembly. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88(9)

Kirk D, Luijckx P, Stanic A, Krkošek M. (2019). Predicting the Thermal and Allometric Dependencies of Disease Transmission via the Metabolic Theory of Ecology. The American naturalist, 193(5)

D Keller, D Kirk, P Luijckx. (2019). Four QTL underlie resistance to a microsporidian parasite that may drive genome evolution in its Daphnia host. bioRxiv

Devin Kirk, Natalie Jones, Stephanie Peacock, Jessica Phillips, Péter K Molnár, Martin Krkošek, Pepijn Luijckx. (2018). Empirical evidence that metabolic theory describes the temperature dependency of within-host parasite dynamics. PLoS biology, 16(2)

Denon Start, Devin Kirk. (2018). Population isolation predicts the severity of historical human epidemics. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 27(6)

Denon Start, Devin Kirk, Dylan Shea, Benjamin Gilbert. (2017). Cannibalism by damselflies increases with rising temperature. Biology Letters, 13(5)

Catherine Scott, Devin Kirk, Sean McCann, Gerhard Gries. (2015). Web reduction by courting male black widows renders pheromone-emitting females' webs less attractive to rival males. Animal Behaviour, (107)

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