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Research/Topics of Interest

Agent-based models
Antibiotic resistance
Apply models to public health
Health systems
Machine learning models
Network models
Public health application of models
Public health policy/interventions
Social determinants of health
Emergency Medicine
Operations Research
Healthcare Delivery
Health Policy

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Respiratory diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States
United Kingdom



Shaw-Saliba K, Hansoti B, Burkom H, Martinez DA, DuVal A, Lee B, Chau P, McBride B, Hsieh YH, Sathananthan V, Persing D, Turnlund M, Shively R, Dugas A, Rothman RE. (2022). Cloud-Based Influenza Surveillance System in Emergency Departments Using Molecular-Based Testing: Advances and Challenges. The western journal of emergency medicine, 23(2)

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Hinson JS, Martinez DA, Schmitz PSK, Toerper M, Radu D, Scheulen J, Stewart de Ramirez SA, Levin S. (2018). Accuracy of emergency department triage using the Emergency Severity Index and independent predictors of under-triage and over-triage in Brazil: a retrospective cohort analysis. International journal of emergency medicine, 11(1)

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Martinez DA, Tsalatsanis A, Yalcin A, Zayas-Castro JL, Djulbegovic B. (2016). Activating clinical trials: a process improvement approach. Trials, 17(1)

Woods-Hill CZ, Fackler J, Nelson McMillan K, Ascenzi J, Martinez DA, Toerper MF, Voskertchian A, Colantuoni E, Klaus SA, Levin S, Milstone AM. (2017). Association of a Clinical Practice Guideline With Blood Culture Use in Critically Ill Children. JAMA pediatrics, 171(2)

Martinez DA, Feijoo F, Zayas-Castro JL, Levin S, Das TK. (2018). A strategic gaming model for health information exchange markets. Health care management science, 21(1)

Strauss AT, Martinez DA, Garcia-Arce A, Taylor S, Mateja C, Fabri PJ, Zayas-Castro JL. (2015). A user needs assessment to inform health information exchange design and implementation. BMC medical informatics and decision making, (15)

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