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Elizabet Lilia Estallo is a scientist at CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) in the Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas y Tecnológicas de Córdoba (IIBYT). Elizabet is a specialist in vector moquitos, works with vector-borne diseases, and the relation with the environment through meteorological and remote sensing data. Their current projects involve Citizen Science, involving the community in the mosquitos borne diseases, environment, heat island and diversity-related. She is a National Geographic explorer, she did a Fulbright scholar program at Clark University, at the USA working with species distribution models and remote sensing, she did a professional training in Milan, Italy through the Italian Spatial Agency (ASI) and the Argentina Space Agency (CONAE). Skilled in Remote Sensing Applications, Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning System (GPS). Strong research professional with a Ph.D focused in Biology Sciences from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. At the teen age she was a Rotary club exchange student at Ojai Rotary Club in California , USA (1995-1996).

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Research/Topics of Interest

Apply models to public health
Climate/environmental drivers
Public health application of models
Public health policy/interventions
Science communication
Social determinants of health
Statistical models
Time-series models
Aedes aegypti
land change

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Vector-borne diseases

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United States



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Estallo EL, Santana M, Martín ME, Galindo LM, Willener JA, Kuruc JA, Stein M. (2021). Environmental effects on phlebotominae sand flies (Diptera:Phychodidae) and implications for sand fly vector disease transmission in Corrientes city, northern Argentina. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, 93(suppl 3)

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Martín ME, Stein M, Willener JA, Kuruc JA, Estallo EL. (2020). Landscape effects on the abundance of Lutzomyia longipalpis and Migonemyia migonei (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) in Corrientes city, northern Argentina. Acta tropica, (210)

Robert MA, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Estallo EL. (2020). Climate change and viral emergence: evidence from Aedes-borne arboviruses. Current opinion in virology, (40)

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BENITEZ, ELISABET MARINA; LUDUEÑA-ALMEIDA FRANCISCO; FRIAS-CESPEDES, MARÍA; ALMIRON, WALTER RICARDO; ESTALLO ELIZABET LILIA. (2019). Could land cover influence Aedes aegypti mosquito populations?. Medical and Veterinary Entemology, 34(2)

ESTALLO, E. L.; SANGERMANO, F.; GRECH, M.; LUDUEÑA-ALMEIDA, F.; FRÍAS-CESPEDES, M.; AINETE, M.; ALMIRÓN, W.; LIVDAHL, T.. (2018). Modelling the distribution of the vector Aedes aegypti in a central Argentine city. Medical and Veterinary Entemology, 34(2)

Batallán GP, Estallo EL, Flores FS, Sartor P, Contigiani MS, Almirón WR. (2015). St. Louis Encephalitis virus mosquito vectors dynamics in three different environments in relation to remotely sensed environmental conditions. Acta tropica, (146)

Estallo EL, Ludueña-Almeida FF, Introini MV, Zaidenberg M, Almirón WR. (2015). Weather Variability Associated with Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti (Dengue Vector) Oviposition Dynamics in Northwestern Argentina. PloS one, 10(5)

Dantur Juri MJ, Estallo E, Almirón W, Santana M, Sartor P, Lamfri M, Zaidenberg M. (2015). Satellite-derived NDVI, LST, and climatic factors driving the distribution and abundance of Anopheles mosquitoes in a former malarious area in northwest Argentina. Journal of vector ecology : journal of the Society for Vector Ecology, 40(1)

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