Jamie Caldwell

Postdoctoral Fellow





Caldwell JM, Aeby G, Heron SF, Donahue MJ. (2020). Case-control design identifies ecological drivers of endemic coral diseases. Scientific reports, 10(1)

Mordecai EA, Ryan SJ, Caldwell JM, Shah MM, LaBeaud AD. (2020). Climate change could shift disease burden from malaria to arboviruses in Africa. The Lancet. Planetary health, 4(9)

Harris M, Caldwell JM, Mordecai EA. (2019). Climate drives spatial variation in Zika epidemics in Latin America. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 286(1909)

Mordecai EA, Caldwell JM, Grossman MK, Lippi CA, Johnson LR, Neira M, Rohr JR, Ryan SJ, Savage V, Shocket MS, Sippy R, Stewart Ibarra AM, Thomas MB, Villena O. (2019). Thermal biology of mosquito-borne disease. Ecology letters, 22(10)

Shah MM, Krystosik AR, Ndenga BA, Mutuku FM, Caldwell JM, Otuka V, Chebii PK, Maina PW, Jembe Z, Ronga C, Bisanzio D, Anyamba A, Damoah R, Ripp K, Jagannathan P, Mordecai EA, LaBeaud AD. (2019). Malaria smear positivity among Kenyan children peaks at intermediate temperatures as predicted by ecological models. Parasites & vectors, 12(1)

Caldwell JM, Donahue MJ, Harvell CD. (2018). Host size and proximity to diseased neighbours drive the spread of a coral disease outbreak in Hawai'i. Proceedings. Biological sciences, 285(1870)

Huber JH, Childs ML, Caldwell JM, Mordecai EA. (2018). Seasonal temperature variation influences climate suitability for dengue, chikungunya, and Zika transmission. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 12(5)

Caldwell JM, Heron SF, Eakin CM, Donahue MJ. (2016). Satellite SST-Based Coral Disease Outbreak Predictions for the Hawaiian Archipelago. Remote sensing, 8(2)

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