Joseph Mihaljevic
Joe Mihaljevic

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Research/Topics of Interest

Apply models to public health
Between-host modeling
Climate/environmental drivers
Compartmental models
Geospatial models
New methods development
Public health application of models
Spatial transmission patterns
Statistical models
Time-series models
Bayesian inference
Modeling software

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Vector-borne diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United States



Kollath DR, Mihaljevic JR, Barker BM. (2022). PM10 and Other Climatic Variables Are Important Predictors of Seasonal Variability of Coccidioidomycosis in Arizona. Microbiology spectrum

Sieben AJ, Mihaljevic JR, Shoemaker LG. (2022). Quantifying mechanisms of coexistence in disease ecology. Ecology

Mihaljevic JR, Borkovec S, Ratnavale S, Hocking TD, Banister KE, Eppinger JE, Hepp C, Doerry E. (2022). SPARSEMODr: Rapidly simulate spatially explicit and stochastic models of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Biology methods & protocols, 7(1)

Miller E, Barragan V, Chiriboga J, Weddell C, Luna L, Jiménez DJ, Aleman J, Mihaljevic JR, Olivas S, Marks J, Izurieta R, Nieto N, Keim P, Trueba G, Caporaso JG, Pearson T. (2021). Leptospira in river and soil in a highly endemic area of Ecuador. BMC microbiology, 21(1)

Porter WT, Barrand ZA, Wachara J, DaVall K, Mihaljevic JR, Pearson T, Salkeld DJ, Nieto NC. (2021). Predicting the current and future distribution of the western black-legged tick, Ixodes pacificus, across the Western US using citizen science collections. PloS one, 16(1)

Brown JJ, Mihaljevic JR, Des Marteaux L, Hrček J. (2020). Metacommunity theory for transmission of heritable symbionts within insect communities. Ecology and evolution, 10(3)

Mihaljevic JR, Greer AL, Brunner JL. (2019). Infection with Mechanistic Disease Models and Experimental Data. Viruses, 11(5)

Ranjeva SL, Mihaljevic JR, Joseph MB, Giuliano AR, Dwyer G. (2019). Untangling the dynamics of persistence and colonization in microbial communities. The ISME journal, 13(12)

Wilber MQ, Jani AJ, Mihaljevic JR, Briggs CJ. (2020). Fungal infection alters the selection, dispersal and drift processes structuring the amphibian skin microbiome. Ecology letters, 23(1)

Jadin RC, Mihaljevic JR, Orlofske SA. (2019). Do New World pitvipers "scale-down" at high elevations? Macroecological patterns of scale characters and body size. Ecology and evolution, 9(16)

Mihaljevic JR, Hoye BJ, Johnson PTJ. (2018). Parasite metacommunities: Evaluating the roles of host community composition and environmental gradients in structuring symbiont communities within amphibians. The Journal of animal ecology, 87(2)

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