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John graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MSci in Mathematics. He then began a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, developing models of animal movement. His research focused on pest management strategies, exploring how density-dependent movement in slugs causes high-density patches to emerge and developing a protocol for targeted pesticide application onto those high-density patches. John moved to The Pirbright Institute and is a member of the Transmission Biology group. He is developing mathematical models for the transmission of foot-and-mouth disease virus that incorporate environmental contamination. The models will be used to assess the effectiveness of different surveillance strategies that could be implemented in the event of an outbreak, including environmental surveillance.

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Research/Topics of Interest

Agent-based models
Between-host modeling
Statistical models
Surveillance/case detection
Routes of transmission
Foot-and-mouth disease
Individual based modelling

Pathogens/Diseases of Main Interest/Expertise

Animal diseases

Countries of Work/Collaboration

United Kingdom



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