Jonathan Fintzi

Mathematical Statistician





Dean SG, Ricotta EE, Fintzi J, Lai YL, Kadri SS, Olivier KN, Zelazny A, Prevots DR. (2020). . Emerging infectious diseases, 26(9)

Bosio CF, Jarrett CO, Scott DP, Fintzi J, Hinnebusch BJ. (2020). Comparison of the transmission efficiency and plague progression dynamics associated with two mechanisms by which fleas transmit Yersinia pestis. PLoS pathogens, 16(12)

Fintzi J, Bayer D, Goldstein I, Lumbard K, Ricotta E, Warner S, Busch LM, Strich JR, Chertow DS, Parker DM, Boden-Albala B, Dratch A, Chhuon R, Quick N, Zahn M, Minin VN. (2020). Using multiple data streams to estimate and forecast SARS-CoV-2 transmission dynamics, with application to the virus spread in Orange County, California. ArXiv

Fintzi J, Cui X, Wakefield J, Minin VN. (2017). Efficient Data Augmentation for Fitting Stochastic Epidemic Models to Prevalence Data. Journal of computational and graphical statistics : a joint publication of American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Interface Foundation of North America, 26(4)

Larson T, Gould T, Riley EA, Austin E, Fintzi J, Sheppard L, Yost M, Simpson C. (2017). Ambient Air Quality Measurements from a Continuously Moving Mobile Platform: Estimation of Area-Wide, Fuel-Based, Mobile Source Emission Factors Using Absolute Principal Component Scores. Atmospheric environment (Oxford, England : 1994), (152)

Riley EA, Banks L, Fintzi J, Gould TR, Hartin K, Schaal L, Davey M, Sheppard L, Larson T, Yost MG, Simpson CD. (2014). Multi-pollutant mobile platform measurements of air pollutants adjacent to a major roadway. Atmospheric environment (Oxford, England : 1994), (98)

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