Philip Arevalo






Dugan HL, Guthmiller JJ, Arevalo P, Huang M, Chen YQ, Neu KE, Henry C, Zheng NY, Lan LY, Tepora ME, Stovicek O, Bitar D, Palm AE, Stamper CT, Changrob S, Utset HA, Coughlan L, Krammer F, Cobey S, Wilson PC. (2020). Preexisting immunity shapes distinct antibody landscapes after influenza virus infection and vaccination in humans. Science translational medicine, 12(573)

Arevalo P, McLean HQ, Belongia EA, Cobey S. (2020). Earliest infections predict the age distribution of seasonal influenza A cases. eLife, (9)

Arevalo P, VanInsberghe D, Elsherbini J, Gore J, Polz MF. (2019). A Reverse Ecology Approach Based on a Biological Definition of Microbial Populations. Cell, 178(4)

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