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Caldwell JM, LaBeaud AD, Lambin EF, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Ndenga BA, Mutuku FM, Krystosik AR, Ayala EB, Anyamba A, Borbor-Cordova MJ, Damoah R, Grossi-Soyster EN, Heras FH, Ngugi HN, Ryan SJ, Shah MM, Sippy R, Mordecai EA. (2021). Climate predicts geographic and temporal variation in mosquito-borne disease dynamics on two continents. Nature communications, 12(1)

Sippy R, Prado EO, Pizarro Fajardo F, Hidalgo I, Aguilar GV, Bonville CA, Aponte CC, Gómez MS, Aponte JLC, Cordova MB, Polo GR, Suryadevara M, Domachowske JB. (2020). Medically Attended Outpatient Coronavirus Infections in Ecuadorean Children During the 20 Months Preceding Countrywide Lockdown Related to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic of 2020. The Pediatric infectious disease journal

Maljkovic Berry I, Rutvisuttinunt W, Sippy R, Beltran-Ayala E, Figueroa K, Ryan S, Srikanth A, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Endy T, Jarman RG. (2020). The origins of dengue and chikungunya viruses in Ecuador following increased migration from Venezuela and Colombia. BMC evolutionary biology, 20(1)

Sippy R, Rivera GE, Sanchez V, Heras F, Morejón B, Beltrán E, Hikida RS, López-Latorre MA, Aguirre A, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Larsen DA, Neira M. (2020). Ingested insecticide to control Aedes aegypti: developing a novel dried attractive toxic sugar bait device for intra-domiciliary control. Parasites & vectors, 13(1)

Elizabet L Estallo, Rachel Sippy, Anna M Stewart-Ibarra, Marta G Grech, Elisabet M Benitez, Francisco F Ludueña-Almeida, Mariela Ainete, María Frias-Cespedes, Michael Robert, Moory M Romero, Walter R Almirón. (2020). A decade of arbovirus emergence in the temperate southern cone of South America: dengue, Aedes aegypti and climate dynamics in Córdoba, Argentina. bioRxiv

Anderson KB, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Buddhari D, Beltran Ayala EF, Sippy RJ, Iamsirithaworn S, Ryan SJ, Fernandez S, Jarman RG, Thomas SJ, Endy TP. (2020). Key Findings and Comparisons From Analogous Case-Cluster Studies for Dengue Virus Infection Conducted in Machala, Ecuador, and Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand. Frontiers in public health, (8)

Pollett S, Johansson M, Biggerstaff M, Morton LC, Bazaco SL, Brett Major DM, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Pavlin JA, Mate S, Sippy R, Hartman LJ, Reich NG, Maljkovic Berry I, Chretien JP, Althouse BM, Myer D, Viboud C, Rivers C. (2020). Identification and evaluation of epidemic prediction and forecasting reporting guidelines: A systematic review and a call for action. Epidemics, (33)

Estallo EL, Sippy R, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Grech MG, Benitez EM, Ludueña-Almeida FF, Ainete M, Frias-Cespedes M, Robert M, Romero MM, Almirón WR. (2020). and climate dynamics in Córdoba, Argentina. Heliyon, 6(9)

Wilkinson J, Arnold KF, Murray EJ, van Smeden M, Carr K, Sippy R, de Kamps M, Beam A, Konigorski S, Lippert C, Gilthorpe MS, Tennant PWG. (2020). Time to reality check the promises of machine learning-powered precision medicine. The Lancet. Digital health, 2(12)

Sippy R, Farrell DF, Lichtenstein DA, Nightingale R, Harris MA, Toth J, Hantztidiamantis P, Usher N, Cueva Aponte C, Barzallo Aguilar J, Puthumana A, Lupone CD, Endy T, Ryan SJ, Stewart Ibarra AM. (2020). Severity Index for Suspected Arbovirus (SISA): Machine learning for accurate prediction of hospitalization in subjects suspected of arboviral infection. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 14(2)

Farovitch L, Sippy R, Beltrán-Ayala E, Endy TP, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Leydet BF. (2019). Detection of Antibodies to Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae and Arboviral Coinfections in Febrile Individuals in 2014-2015 in Southern Coastal Ecuador. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 101(5)

Mordecai EA, Caldwell JM, Grossman MK, Lippi CA, Johnson LR, Neira M, Rohr JR, Ryan SJ, Savage V, Shocket MS, Sippy R, Stewart Ibarra AM, Thomas MB, Villena O. (2019). Thermal biology of mosquito-borne disease. Ecology letters, 22(10)

Ryan SJ, Mundis SJ, Aguirre A, Lippi CA, Beltrán E, Heras F, Sanchez V, Borbor-Cordova MJ, Sippy R, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Neira M. (2019). Seasonal and geographic variation in insecticide resistance in Aedes aegypti in southern Ecuador. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 13(6)

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