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Sumitha S, Vasanthi S, Shalini S, Chinni SV, Gopinath SCB, Anbu P, Bahari MB, Harish R, Kathiresan S, Ravichandran V. (2018). Phyto-Mediated Photo Catalysed Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Durio Zibethinus Seed Extract: Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity and Photocatalytic Applications. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 23(12)

Geethaavacini G, Poh GP, Yan LY, Deepashini R, Shalini S, Harish R, Sureshkumar K, Ravichandran V. (2018). QSAR and Pharmacophore Mapping Studies on Benzothiazinimines to Relate their Structural Features with anti-HIV Activity. Medicinal chemistry (Shariqah (United Arab Emirates)), 14(7)

Ravichandran V, Jain A, Kumar KS, Rajak H, Agrawal RK. (2011). Design, synthesis, and evaluation of thiazolidinone derivatives as antimicrobial and anti-viral agents. Chemical biology & drug design, 78(3)

Ravichandran V, Major EO, Ibe C, Monaco MC, Girisetty MK, Hewlett IK. (2011). Susceptibility of human primary neuronal cells to xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related (XMRV) virus infection. Virology journal, (8)

Ravichandran V, Shalini S, Sundram K, Sokkalingam AD. (2010). QSAR study of substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazole naphthyridines as HIV-1 integrase inhibitors. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 45(7)

Ravichandran V, Major EO. (2008). DNA-binding transcription factor NF-1A negatively regulates JC virus multiplication. The Journal of general virology, 89(Pt 6)

Ravichandran V, Jensen PN, Major EO. (2007). MEK1/2 inhibitors block basal and transforming growth factor 1beta1-stimulated JC virus multiplication. Journal of virology, 81(12)

Ravichandran V, Sabath BF, Jensen PN, Houff SA, Major EO. (2006). Interactions between c-Jun, nuclear factor 1, and JC virus promoter sequences: implications for viral tropism. Journal of virology, 80(21)

Ravichandran V, Major EO. (2006). Viral proteomics: a promising approach for understanding JC virus tropism. Proteomics, 6(20)

Ravichandran V, Sriram RD. (2005). Toward data standards for proteomics. Nature biotechnology, 23(3)

Ravichandran V, Lubell J, Vasquez GB, Lemkin P, Sriram RD, Gilliland GL. (2004). Ongoing development of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis data standards. Electrophoresis, 25(2)

Ravichandran V, Sriram RD, Gilliland GL. (2004). MitoMorphy: an alignment and annotation tool for human mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms. Mitochondrion, 4(4)

Ravichandran V, Vasquez GB, Srivastava S, Verma M, Petricoin E, Lubell J, Sriram RD, Barker PE, Gilliland GL. (2004). Data standards for proteomics: mitochondrial two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis data as a model system. Mitochondrion, 3(6)

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