New Funding Opportunities

Below are current funding opportunities related to infectious disease modeling:

NSF – Algorithms for Threat Detection

NSF 20-531
Full Proposal Deadline Date: March 18, 2020

The Algorithms for Threat Detection (ATD) program will support research projects to develop the next generation of mathematical and statistical algorithms for analysis of large spatiotemporal datasets with application to quantitative models of human dynamics. The program is a partnership between the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) at the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA).

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Wellcome Trust – Epidemic Preparedness: COVID-19 funding call

There are no deadlines. Expressions of interest should be submitted as soon as possible.

This call aims to strengthen the evidence base to better prevent and control coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemics and to increase research and response capacity. It’s part of an existing partnership between Wellcome and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through the Joint Initiative on Research in Epidemic Preparedness and Response to help low- and middle-income countries prepare for and tackle epidemics.

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Vaccine Impact Modeling Consortium – Vaccine Impact Models for Typhoid or Cholera

Closing date: April 20, 2020

The Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium was launched in late 2016 for a five-year period in response to an identified need by Gavi and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to estimate global vaccine impact more consistently and reliably. The funders use the results to track progress, to project the likely future impact of vaccines in the current portfolio as well as to forecast the impact of potential future investments.

The Consortium coordinates the ongoing work of modelling groups from a range of research institutions and is led by a secretariat based at Imperial College London. We are looking for modelling groups interested in joining the Consortium and able to meet the output requirements as stipulated by the secretariat and the funders. The current portfolio of diseases includes: hepatitis B, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b), human papilloma virus (HPV), Japanese encephalitis, measles, meningitis A, pneumococcus, rubella, rotavirus, and yellow fever. We are now looking to expand this scope to include typhoid and cholera.

Through this open call, we are looking to recruit models for typhoid and cholera. At a maximum, the Consortium can fund two modelling groups per disease area.

We are primarily looking for models that are already developed and are able to provide the outputs we require. However, we are willing to consider applications from models currently in development, which are working towards being able to provide required outputs. As model inputs, we provide demographic data and estimates of vaccine coverage. We do not provide disease-specific data.

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