About MIDAS Latin America


MIDAS Latin America supports collaboration among scientists from Latin America who use models to understand infectious disease dynamics.

The goal of the MIDAS Latin America branch is to connect researchers in Latin America to improve regional preparedness and response against infectious diseases. MIDAS Latin America provides collaboration, research, resources and service.
MIDAS Latin America members should either be from Latin America or be doing research in Latin America. In order to apply for membership to MIDAS Latin America, you must also be a current member of MIDAS. MIDAS network membership is open to any infectious disease scientist, practitioner, or student who supports the mission and vision of the network. The MIDAS network is defined by broad inclusivity and diversity of its members, fostering collaboration to advance the science and application of infectious disease modeling.

To join MIDAS Latin America, complete the MIDAS Latin America Membership Application form and the MIDAS Membership Application form. Please make sure you put the same name and email address on both forms. The advantages of membership of the MIDAS networks include access to:

  1. A collaborative, multidisciplinary, environment of infectious disease modeling experts;

  2. Groups of modelers and/or practitioners focused on specific areas of interest that span across individual modeling projects;

  3. Shared resources among network members, including datasets, models, software, and workflows;

  4. Services provided by the MIDAS network Coordination Center (MCC), including data services, high-performance cloud computing, training, and outreach;

  5. Research promotion including visibility of research profiles, publications, projects, and media attention through the MIDAS website and (social) media outreach by the MCC;

  6. The annual MIDAS meeting, training and outreach activities;

  7. Other opportunities including the coordination of collaborations between scientists and public health agencies, to translate model results into public health impact, and to bring relevant public health questions to modelers;

MIDAS Latin America Coordinators

MIDAS Latin America is coordinated by Drs. Guido Felipe Camargo Espana & Daniel Villela. 


Dr. Guido Felipe Camargo Espana is a research assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Notre Dame. Guido’s research is focused on supporting decision making with the use of mathematical and computational models to understand the dynamics of infectious diseases. In particular, his interests include the use of agent-based models to evaluate the impact of public health interventions. His research has focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the evaluation of vaccine impact and vector control in vector-borne diseases, such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.


Dr. Daniel Villela is a researcher in the Program of Scientific Computing at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and a Professor at the National School of Public Health.  He currently serves as Head of the Program of Scientific Computing and Deputy coordinator of the Program of Epidemiology. His research focuses on the intersection between Epidemiology and topics of Ecology and Evolution, with models applied in COVID-19, malaria, and arboviruses’ infections.


MIDAS Latin America Members

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