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Longitudinal assessment of diagnostic test performance over the course of acute SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The Journal of infectious diseases
Smith RL, Gibson LL, Martinez PP, Ke R, Mirza A, Conte M, Gallagher N, Conte A, Wang L, Fredrickson R, Edmonson DC, Baughman ME, Chiu KK, Choi H, Jensen TW, Scardina KR, Bradley S, Gloss SL, Reinhart C, Yedetore J, Owens AN, Broach J, Barton B, Lazar P, Henness D, Young T, Dunnett A, Robinson ML, Mostafa HH, Pekosz A, Manabe YC, Heetderks WJ, McManus DD, Brooke CB

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Frontiers in public health
Rodrigues JA, Cha W, Mosci RE, Mukherjee S, Newton DW, Lephart P, Salimnia H, Khalife W, Rudrik JT, Manning SD

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