Caregiver Preferences and Barriers Toward Accessing Pediatric Dermatology Care for Childhood Atopic Dermatitis.


Caregivers may benefit from their children being referred to dermatology specialists earlier and more often for their AD. Further work must be done to characterize preferences and barriers toward AD care across race and ethnicity.

Caregivers felt PCPs and specialists equally listened to their child's AD concerns. However, many felt there was a difference in the care provided and control of the AD and preferred to see a specialist for ongoing management.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common chronic childhood illness. It is often treated by primary care providers (PCPs) though it may require referral to a dermatology specialist.

We administered an exploratory survey to 50 caregivers of children aged 0-17 years with AD to assess their preferences and barriers toward accessing dermatology specialty care for their child's AD.

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