What matters for health? Public views from eight countries.


test for significance testing between groups.

The majority of people consider healthcare the most important determinant of health, well above other social determinants. This highlights the need for more investment in communication efforts around the importance of SDoH.

Despite growing scholarship on the social determinants of health (SDoH), wider action remains in its early stages. Broad public understanding of SDoH can help catalyse such action. This paper aimed to document public perception of what matters for health from countries with broad geographic, cultural, linguistic, population composition, language and income level variation.

Of 8753 respondents, 56.2% (95% CI 55.1% to 57.2%) ranked healthcare as the most important determinant of good health using the composite metric. This ranking was consistent across countries except in China where it appeared second. While genetics was cited as the most important determinant by 22.3% (95% CI 21.5% to 23.2%) of the overall sample with comparable rates in most countries, the percentage increased to 33.3% (95% CI 30.5% to 36.3%) in Germany and 35.9% (95% CI 33.0% to 38.8%) in the USA. Politics was the determinant with the greatest absolute difference (18.5%, 95% CI 17.3% to 19.6%) between what respondents considered matters for health versus what they perceived decision makers think matters for health.

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Abdalla SM, Hernandez M, Fazaludeen Koya S, Rosenberg SB, Robbins G, Magana L, Nsoesie EO, Sabin L, Galea S. (2022). What matters for health? Public views from eight countries. BMJ global health, 7(6)

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