Tiffany Fitzpatrick

Postdoctoral Fellow





Allin S, Fitzpatrick T, Marchildon G, Quesnel-Vallée A. (2021). The Federal Government and Canada's COVID-19 Responses: From "We're ready, we're prepared" to "Fires are burning". Health economics, policy, and law

Fitzpatrick T, Wilton AS, Chung H, Guttmann A. (2021). SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Maternal-Infant Dyads in Ontario, Canada. JAMA network open, 4(8)

Fitzpatrick T, McNally D, Stukel T, Lu H, Fisman D, Kwong J, Guttmann A. (2021). Family and Child Risk Factors for Early-Life RSV Illness. Pediatrics, 147(4)

Verfuerden M, Hardelid P, Holder L, Rosella L, Gilbert R, Guttmann A. (2020). Deprivation and mortality related to pediatric respiratory tract infection: a cohort study in 3 high-income jurisdictions. CMAJ Open, 8(2)

Fitzpatrick T, Malcolm W, McMenamin J, Reynolds A, Guttmann A, Hardelid P. (2020). Community-Based Antibiotic Prescribing Attributable to Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Other Common Respiratory Viruses in Young Children: A Population-Based Time-series Study of Scottish Children. Clinical Infectious Diseases

Coleman B, Fadel S, Fitzpatrick T, Thomas SM. (2017). Risk factors for serious outcomes associated with influenza illness in high- versus low- and middle- income countries: Systematic literature review and meta-analysis.12(1)

Roth DE, Gaffey M, Smith-Romero E, Fitzpatrick T, Morris SK. (2015). Acute respiratory infection case definitions for young children: a systematic review of community-based epidemiologic studies in South Asia. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 20(12)

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